Weird Tax Fact #3

Today’s pundits often remark that there is seemingly nothing our government wont tax. Never was this more true, however, than during Peter the Great’s tenure as Tsar of Russia. No stranger to odd and bizarre taxes (we’re talking about the man who taxed drinking water and beehives), Peter’s most absurd proposal of all became law.. read more →

Weird Tax Fact #2

Did you know? Perhaps the most puzzling tax in the entire world is the state of Tennessee’s tax on the possession of illegal drugs. According to CNN, “you have 48 hours to report to the Department of Revenue and pay your tax” on any illegal substance you purchase in Tennessee, after which you will get.. read more →

Weird Tax Facts

Did you know? Until very recently, the Swedish Tax Authority had the power to decide whether the names parents chose for their children were acceptable – and forbid them from using names deemed to be “weird.” As Wikipedia states, the Swedish Tax Authority’s official take on the issue was that: “First names shall not be.. read more →

Welcome to 72 St. Leger Street, Suite 207!

We are so excited to be reporting to you from our new office located here in Kitchener. We are looking forward to meeting and greeting our clients in the new space. Stay tuned for details! -Michele and Hiba   read more →