Home sweet home?

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A little mid-week humor…

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A little humor to start the week…

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Happy New Year

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Happy Holidays From The Bottom Line

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Fun Tax Fact No. 6:

Multiple credits for multiple spouses. According to “101 Tax Secrets for Canadians” by Tim Cestnick, tax filers can claim credits for more than one spouse. While technically defensible under tax laws, sections 290 and 293 of the Criminal Code of Canada ban bigamy and polygamy. Tip: Income-splitting is a more sustainable tax strategy than acquiring.. read more →

Fun Tax Fact No. 5:

Job stress doesn’t have to be taxing. Many employers provide assistance programs to help employees who need physical, mental or financial counselling and support. Whether provided to you or family members, non-taxable benefits can cover sessions with stress-management psychologists, career coaches, tax professionals or financial advisors. source:creditcards.com read more →

Fun Tax Fact #4:

Air miles can fly as non-taxable benefits. Frequent flier rewards earned from business trips and redeemed for personal or family purposes are taxed as regular earnings. However, the CRA allows an overall $500 exemption for non-taxable gifts and rewards, which can include job-related air miles. Self-employed persons can enjoy full tax-free rewards by applying their.. read more →

Fun Tax Fact No. 3:

Moving on up the tax goodies ladder. If you’re relocating to a province with a lower tax rate, do so before year-end. That’s because income tax rates are based on province of residence as of December 31. And, here’s some good news if you’ve been a Canadian resident for at least 40 years after age.. read more →

Fun Tax Fact No.2

Don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the taxes. Criminals who don’t think about getting caught — much less paying taxes on their illegal booty — are in for a rude awakening. For example, a bank robber who squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen cash can expect the taxman to come collecting.. read more →