15 Aug 2012

Weird Tax Fact #4

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Did you know?

In the Netherlands, citizens are apparently permitted to deduct the costs of training in the fine art of witchcraft.  On Mint.com, it  refers to Margarita Rongen as a “tax verified witch”, citing the Daily Mail’s report on how Rongen had successfully deducting thousands of dollars in schooling. In Rongen’s case, “schooling” was a rather loose term, equating to courses “that are held 13 weekends a year closest to a full moon when outdoor rituals are practiced and potions boiled.” Among the many skills and aptitudes honed during witchcraft schooling are “healing with herbs and stones, making potions, divination and fortune telling with crystal balls and hieroglyphs.” Needless to say, Dutch citizens and members of Parliament were none too amused. However, as Rongen points out, this seldom utilized deduction is not new – it is simply getting more attention, and now has the support of a judge.

Source Billshrink.com