27 Aug 2012

Weird Tax Fact #6

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Did you know?

While Italy has moved to heavily tax sex toys (among other pornographic products), MSNBC reported in 2006 that the Australian government had begun allowing “tax deductions for adult toys and lingerie.” While these deductions are restricted to prostitutes, strippers and dancers, the range of items they can deduct is quite broad, encompassing “condoms, lubricants, gels, oils [and a] myriad of other items.” Interestingly, MSNBC elaborates that these same individuals cannot deduct the cost of fitness classes to stay in shape, though they can deduct dance classes specifically. A complete list of deductible items for “the sex industry” is made available and routinely updated by the Australian Taxation Office, for those interested in keeping up with the latest write-offs for professionals in this field.

Source: Billshrink.com