30 Jul 2012

Did you know?

Perhaps the most puzzling tax in the entire world is the state of Tennessee’s tax on the possession of illegal drugs. According to CNN, “you have 48 hours to report to the Department of Revenue and pay your tax” on any illegal substance you purchase in Tennessee, after which you will get “stamps to affix to your illegal substance” which “serve as evidence you paid the tax on the illegal product.” Naturally, one might assume that such a tax would never be paid for fear of simultaneously being arrested for breaking drug possession laws. But in an even more perplexing twist, Tennessee does not require any identification whatsoever to get the stamps, and “it’s illegal for revenue employees to rat you out.” Nonetheless, voluntary compliance with this tax is quite rare. CNN reports that North Carolina, (which has a similar law) has seen “only 79 folks have voluntarily come forward since 1990″, with another 72,000 being taxed after they were discovered and arrested.

Source: www.billshrink.com